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  • Kuwait Arc Company

Kuwait Arc Company has a large specialized factory for stainless steel work. The factory is equipped with the most important and finest machines for cutting stainless steel sheets, punching, welding and other specialized machines for all stainless steel work. The factory employs skilled specialists and technicians with extensive experience in stainless steel work. The factory covers an area of 1200 square meters and has a trained and specialized workforce of 20 employees.

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Kuwait Arc Company

Company Employees

Kuwait Arc company is distinguished by the stability of a group of highly experienced and long-standing employees in this field; for many years, in a positive work environment with a team spirit.

  • Suppliers

The company relies on accredited and well-known suppliers for imports from different countries. These suppliers have been approved for over 30 years. Kuwait Arc regularly tests imported materials in accredited technical laboratories to ensure they meet the required international standards for stainless steel components.

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