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About Kuwait ARC

About Us

Kuwait Arc Company was established in 1969 and has since been known for the quality of our products, precision in our work and services provided to our clients, including companies, factories, stainless steel workshops and individuals.

The company was founded by the businessman Mr. Abdulatif Youssef Al-Oumi, may he rest in peace, as part of the Al-Oumi family group of companies, which operates in various fields such as agricultural projects, food products, retail sales, manufacturing, medical fields, logistics and more in the Kuwait market.

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Company Activities

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Kuwait Arc Company specializes in the sale and manufacturing of stainless steel and aluminum. Our company manufactures stainless steel kitchens, including their associated chimneys and specialized in various models of stainless-steel handrails.

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Kuwait Arc is considered one of the largest companies in the stainless steel field in the market and our services can be summarized in the following departments:

grades such as 304/316/430 in various sizes and thickness and other materials like aluminum sheets, anodized sheets, checkered plates and galvanized sheets.


All kinds of stainless steel handrail and glass fitting accessories such as elbows, connectors, bases, flanges, covers and more, in various sizes and colors with high-quality finishing.

Offering stainless steel bars with various thicknesses for
lathe works and factories, ensuring excellent operational efficiency for the factories.

in all thicknesses and sizes for manufacturing works, workshops and contract for handrails ,railing projects, fences, or manufacturing purposes.

and central chimneys for projects, houses, villas, hospitals, laboratories, restaurants and hotels, with different models and additional options of Corian surfaces or stainless steel sheets.


projects to meet the different needs of customers for straight or circular stairs, or wall-mounted railings, with various models in pure stainless steel or combined with wood or Corian models.

for all stainless steel manufacturing and fabrication works.

all types of metals with extreme precision, equipped with the latest technology (fiber laser) to meet the customers needs in timely and high accuracy.

for all sheets at the same location of sheet sales, we provide convenience to customers along with delivery service.